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Rioja Crianza

Wines in the Rioja Crianza category are a type of traditional wine, released onto the market from their third year in the case of reds. This means they mature in the winery for at least two years: the first twelve months must be spent in oak barrels and the rest in bottle. It’s one of the categories which offers more styles of wine. You’ll find the best selection in our online shop. Can we make any suggestions?


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What are the best Crianza red wines in Rioja?

From the Rioja Alta sub-zone, Viña Alberdi and Viña Cubillo, two great classics, are a must. In the Rioja Alavesa, the Baigorri Crianza and the Viña Real Crianza are always two sure values, vintage after vintage. And in the Eastern Rioja, a wine whose value for money seems impossible to beat is La Montesa, from Palacios-Remondo. With these five wines, besides getting to know the three Rioja sub-zones, you can get a good idea of the great diversity of styles this category offers.

And you could continue with the Crianzas from Gómez Cruzado, Izadi, Finca Nueva or Cune, wines to add to your cart to enjoy not only good wines but also wines with character and typicity. These wines perfectly represent that new Rioja that never forgets tradition and offers a lot of pleasure for very little money.

Are there Crianza whites in Rioja?

Yes, there are Crianza whites in Rioja, few, but there are some. The most common is to find Rioja whites fermented in barrels, with more or less long maturation in wood, but there are still wineries that maintain the tradition. The great benchmark is undoubtedly López de Heredia, with its Viña Gravonia, featuring exceptional four-year ageing in American oak. In a completely different style, with 8 months ageing in new French oak barrels, the Baigorri Blanco Fermentado en Barrica. Rioja regulations require only 6 months of maturation in barrel for whites and rosés.

For how long can a Rioja Crianza be kept?

Rioja Crianzas are ready to be consumed and offer their best for the next 4-5 years in the case of reds and 2-3 years in the case of whites.