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Gambero Rosso: the prestigious "Tre bicchieri" 2021

A preview of the excellences awarded by the most important Italian wine guide

Founded in 1986 as a food and wine supplement to the Italian daily newspaper il manifestoGambero Rosso is today the most established publishing company in the sector. Present throughout Italy with numerous branches, it gave birth to the Città del Gusto in Rome and from its ranks the Slow Food movement sprung up. In extremely influential annual publications, it reviews restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream parlours and of course wines. The Vini d'Italia guide, now printed not only in Italian, but also in English, German, Japanese and Chinese, reviews about 20,000 wines and more than 2,500 wineries each year, and is considered the most authoritative at international level


Gambero Rosso wine tasters have always used a deft graphic evaluation system, assigning the wines, as a maximum score, a logo representing three red glasses. Wines that express themselves ably but not at the same level can acquire one or two glasses. An independent, selective and far from generous guide divides tastings by region and assigns the Tre Bicchieri to excellence proven by strict blind tasting sessions. From these champions of Italian wine, a number of superlative wines are also selected for specific categories: the best red, the best white, and so on up to the wine and the winemaker of the year.