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In Etruscan, Fèlsina means "place of hospitality and dining". And indeed right here, within the ancient walls of this farm that you must visit and experience, our customers have found one of the safest and most reliable ports of Chianti Classico, where the region on its border southward verges towards warmer climates and produces complex, full-bodied, velvety, smooth wines. In the Fèlsina winemaking tradition, there are no duds among the Castelnuovo barriques. The great Chianti Classico, vintage and reserve, and Rancia and Berardenga, are perfect for all occasions. The Fontalloro, an established Tuscan Sangiovese legend, is deep, dark, with hints of balsamic and vanilla. The Colonia, a top Chianti of which 6,000 bottles are produced each year, has the breadth of aroma of a pedigree Brunello. And the international ones, from the Maestro Raro Cabernet, which is explosive and vigorous, to the Sistri, a Chardonnay with character and verticality.
  • Year founded1966
  • Own vineyards:94
  • EnologistFranco Bernabei
  • Bottles produced per year480000

Wines from Fèlsina

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