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Vinissimus Privacy Policy

One of the key values of Vinissimus is the trust our customers have in our company. For this reason we would never exploit or misuse this trust. We scrupulously respect your privacy. The objective of Vinissimus is to help our customers make purchases as easily, safely and satisfactorily as possible. To this end, we need to request certain personal details from you which we save and protect in the same way we strive to protect your privacy.

We would also, of course, like to contact you from time to time to explain some of the offers we have, to help you choose more goods to purchase, or to request more information from you so as to personalize and improve your visits to our website. We also use this information for statistical purposes to improve our competitiveness. Let's be clear — we provide a retail service and our aim is to sell products, of course! But we aim to do this while taking care of our customer contacts and privacy. If any personal details are not needed, we will tell you so, or if you are no longer interested in receiving any part of our information, tell us and we will stop sending it to you.

Likewise, we hope our customers are honest with us too and help us achieve our objective by correctly and accurately providing any necessary information we request.

These thoughts sum up our commitment to our customers and form the basis for our privacy policy. For more details, read on. We hope we have explained clearly the different aspects of our policy.

Version 1.0, 25 May 2019