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Champagne Perrier-Jouët

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Champagne Perrier-Jouët

With over two centuries of history behind them, Perrier-Jouët champagnes are special for the significant proportion of Chardonnay in their blend, collected from the best Côte des Blancs hillsides. Aged in 10 km of underground cellars dug directly into the limestone lands, Perrier-Jouët champagnes are exceptional ones; subtle, seductive, first class champagnes, renowned around the world for their timeless floral elegance.

The maison has 65 hectares spread over five of the most important crus, with 99.2% of their vineyards classified as Grand Cru. The Chef de Caves (cellar master) tastes the harvest of each plot separately to find the best ones to use and maintain the elegant and floral characteristics which make Perrier-Jouët champagnes unique. As the custodian of the traditional wisdom of the cellar, the Chef is responsible for perpetuating this precious heritage, using their artisanal skills to fashion each crop into a wonderful creation.

Ever since 1811 when Pierre-Nicolas-Marie Perrier and Adèle Jouët married and founded the winery, their prestigious maison in Epernay has grown and evolved while never losing the essence of its style. Many other big names may have changed over the years, but Perrier-Jouët has managed its legacy with intelligence and respect, maintaining their wines amongst the most prestigious and famous ones from Champagne. Old vines produce wonderful harvests which ensure the delicate style they are famous for, especially based on the Chardonnay variety which helps to produce splendidly fruity and medium-bodied champagnes with a wide, sophisticated and lightly toasted style.

  • Year founded1811
  • Own vineyards:65