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Viña Cubillo 2013

Viña Cubillo


The grapes, from vines aged about 40 years old, which are used in the making of Viña Cubillo come from...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine Viña Cubillo 2013

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine Crianza
Alcohol content i13.5%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2013


The grapes, from vines aged about 40 years old, which are used in the making of Viña Cubillo come from the Viña Cubillas estate, owned by the López de Heredia family and in their hands for the last three generations. It gives rise to grapes of superior quality that are destined for the production of the "junior" among the Viña Tondonias. Despite being the company's youngest red, it has aged for 3 years in old barrels; perhaps this is the reason why Viña Cubillo reminds us more of a Reserva or a Gran Reserva than a Crianza, the term used for its release onto the market. Time has always been a good friend to López de Heredia and this is going to be no exception.

The blend comprising the four classic red Rioja grape varieties undergoes 2 rackings a year and the wine is clarified using egg whites, as tradition dictates. Bottles made of green glass are preferred, highlighting its traditional character and there's no filtration, so that it reaches our glasses pure and bright, and a lovely ruby colour. On the nose it appears light as well as complex; it smells of wild red strawberries and liquorice, earth, mushrooms and leather. On the palate, it's very fine from start to finish, with the remarkable acidity the wine conveys strengthening its balance. It reveals greater volume than might have been expected from first sight and expands, enveloping the palate in a silky, delicate texture. Hints emerge of plums, morello cherries, vanilla, tobacco and a subtle minerality so typical of the Rioja area. It persists, then leaves behind it a delightful flourish of freshness and complexity, a clear sign of a classic wine and a historic house. Decant it, and enjoy it all the more.

Food pairing

Vegetables / Small game / Wild mushrooms


  • Vine age:40 years
  • Soil:Calcareous-clay
  • Climate:Atlantic


  • Ageing period:36 months
  • Barrel age:Used
  • Type of wood:American oak
  • Clarification and filtration:Unfiltered


  • Optimum serving temperature:18ºC
  • Decanting:Aeration is recommended

Tasting notes

  • ViewRuby red / Bright
  • Bouquet:Fresh / Plums / Black pepper / Sweet spices / Eucalyptus / Liquorice
  • Mouth:Fine / Fresh / Persistent

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by: Jussi (03/03/2017) - Vintage 2008

Another excellent wine from Viña Tondonia

I remember when visiting the winery back in 2009 and tasting the first time wines from Viña Tondonia after the tour around their cellar. The tour ended with a tasting of different wines. I'm not sure if I tried the Cubillo back then, but bought a tasting set and tried it back home. That was excellent. Now ordered finally more and this is such an excellent Rioja wine that all Tempranillo fans would love. My favourite is still Viña Tondonia Reserva, but the Cubillo is also excellent. Highly recommend!

by: (23/03/2019) - Vintage 2010

Ultra Traditional Rioja

I’ve enjoyed previous vintages of this wine, the entry level red from López de Heredia, and this did not disappoint. Cherry, strawberry, saddle leather and smooth spices were all present in abundance. Fabulous for the price and one i’ll be buying again.

by: Tony T (4 Jan) - Vintage 2012


A real star of the Crianzas. Full on Rioja oakiness but really well balanced, deep and smoooooth! I love this wine for the distinctive character of the Bodega. The Cubillo and its big brothers, Bosconia and Tondonia, are all exceptional.

by: Darren (17/09/2019) - Vintage 2010

Interesting and enjoyable

Great quality for a crianza, initially leather and Tabacco to the fore, but after a while the red fruit comes to the fore, with a hint of leather and coffee in the background, with good acidity. Good complexity good wine

by: James (28/03/2019) - Vintage 2010

Loved it

With a leg of spit roast suckling lamb this is the business. Cheap enough to share with a bunch of people, i’m roasting a whole lamb next time. Leather and vanilla and cherries.

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