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Verdicchio is, without mincing words, one of the greatest Italian white grape varieties. A vine that is still not fully appreciated, but which for versatility and personality is at the top of international white wine production. After all, what might have been a disadvantage for years - extreme territoriality - today is Verdicchio’s real strength: a vine that is at one with the territory that, almost unique, hosts it. Verdicchio and Marche are in fact the spouses of a perfect marriage. It is on the hills of Jesi, among the ancient castles of the ancient Marca, that Verdicchio has found a unique habitat, with a climate that is still Mediterranean but already mitigated by the cool currents of the interior, with beautifully exposed soils rich in mineral deposits that give the grapes backbone and structure.

Moreover, as demonstrated by the valorisation of Verdicchio Riserva with an exclusive DOCG appelation, despite its name - Verdicchio da "verdolino", that is, fresh and easy to drink - the vine does not shy away from long and complex ageing in large barrels or on the lees, which makes it immense in olfactory breadth and character on the palate: aromatic herbs, lemon balm, elderberry, exotic fruit, and minerality are just some of the sensations that this wine can give. But the gold of the Marche region is not only in Jesi. It is also in Matelica, immersed in the valleys of the Apennines, where a mountain Verdicchio is produced, decidedly finer and sharper, of impressive elegance. A wine that shares with its brother Jesi the excellent response to long aging, and consequently one of the most appreciable longevity among all Italian white wines, which can exceed 20 years.

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