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Primero de Fariña 2020

Primero de Fariña


Fariña is one of the Toro region's pioneering, traditional wineries, and a reference point nationally...

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Wine Primero de Fariña 2020

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine Young
Alcohol content i14.0%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2020


Fariña is one of the Toro region's pioneering, traditional wineries, and a reference point nationally due to its carbonic maceration wines. Always on time and keeping to tradition, every year they offer us in their Primero all the strength and intensity the fruit can express.

The Fariña Primero is a wine which, on simply uncorking the bottle, assails the air with a very unusual aroma of strawberry and blackberry acidic yogurt. Its colour is sensational, a deep shade of violet that's vivacious and crisp, just like its lactic aromas of red and black fruits (cherries, strawberries and blackberries). A wine that surprises on the palate with its rich and powerful explosion of red fruit and its strikingly creamy texture. It's smooth, unctuous, luscious and with no hint of harshness, lacking any tannin, and extremely easy to drink. A feature to note: if you hold it in the mouth, you'll notice a light tingle resulting from the odd touch of carbonic gas left over from fermentation, which makes the wine even fresher.

Food pairing

Any type of meat / Cheeses / Salads / Pasta dishes


  • Climate:Continental


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 15ºC and 17ºC

Tasting notes

  • ViewPicota cherry red / Violet rim
  • Bouquet:Harmonious / Fresh / Fruit aromas / Lactic notes / Floral scents
  • Mouth:Flavoursome / Fruit-forward / Lively tannins / Fresh

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by: Keith (15/12/2018) - Vintage 2018

Excellent value smooth every day wine

Like many young wines, primer de Farina is dominated by fruit flavours. It isn’t a wine with great character, but t’s easy to drink & has mild acidity. I’ve rated it 4/5 for its excellent value for money. I will buy it again.

by: Mike Wootton (09/09/2020) - Vintage 2019

Primero de Farina 2019

Primero de Farina is a nice wine all for a price you should enjoy paying. It is a good amount of body which I enjoy.

by: Javier Garcia (16/12/2018) - Vintage 2018


Domesticado Aún así, vino que dentro de su estilo, se deja tomar, aunque echo de menos aquel color violáceo en la copa, y aquel sabor tan característico, hace ya unas cuantas añadas que en mi humilde opinión, han rebajado su potencia para que guste más al público en general, pero el estilo que yo buscaba en este vino, hace años ha desaparecido...

by: Javier Garcia (29/12/2019) - Vintage 2019

Ha vuelto a sus orígenes

Buena cosecha la 2019 para este Primero de Fariña, ha vuelto a los aromas y sabores de sus orígenes, ha vuelto a ser representativo de lo que debe ser un vino de Maceración Carbónica. Totalmente recomendable si este es el tipo de vino que se está buscando.

by: Juan (29/12/2017) - Vintage 2017

Joven y fresco

Un vino joven de maceración carbónica que expresa toda la fruta de la variedad tinta de toro,fácil de beber,sencillo y que mantiene una buena calidad añada tras añada