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Bodegas Fariña

Bodegas FariñaBodegas Fariña

Founded in 1942 by Salvador Fariña, Bodegas Fariña is one of the principal names behind the creation of the DO Toro appellation. Following in the footsteps of his father, Salvador, the current owner Manuel Fariña has maintained the family character and the same enthusiasm and passion for winemaking. Their wines are a splendid combination of modern techniques and traditional methods from the Toro region.

Among the excellent wines they produce is a range of wines named after the medieval church , an architectural wonder dating back to the twelfth century. This collection of wines is a faithful expression of the Toro winemaking traditions. Brimming with character, their red wines are structured, dense and concentrated wines rich in fruit, whereas the whites and rosés stand out as fresh, fruity and pleasant wines. A perfect example of the characteristics and qualities of the style known as "the new Toro wine", whose elegance and personality put the appellation firmly on the world stage.

Products from Bodegas Fariña

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Primero de Fariña 2019


( 5.41 x12)

Fariña Lágrima 2017


( 6.23 x12)

Colegiata Rosado 2019


( 4.86 x12)

Colegiata Blanco 2019


( 4.95 x12)

Fariña Crianza 2015


( 10.54 x12)

Gran Colegiata Reserva 2012


( 14.21 x12)

Gran Colegiata Crianza 2014


( 8.80 x12)

Gran Colegiata Original 2014


( 17.33 x12)

Mascaradas 2017


( 8.06 x12)

Val de Reyes Tinto Dulce


Sold out