Palacios-Remondo Propiedad 2017

Palacios-Remondo Propiedad


Bring together old Rioja vines and the magic hands of Álvaro Palacios (L'Ermita, Finca Dofí, Corulló...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine Palacios-Remondo Propiedad 2017


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0.75 L - 2017


Bring together old Rioja vines and the magic hands of Álvaro Palacios (L'Ermita, Finca Dofí, Corullón, La Faraona...) and the result is a truly extraordinary wine. The Palacios Remondo winery is run by Álvaro, whose family have worked in the world of wine for four generations. He knows the winery's old vine plants in Alfaro, ranging between 30 and 90 years old, like the back of his hand and uses them to create this wonderful Grenache wine. Organic agriculture methods are used in the vineyards, ensuring top quality grapes which are carefully harvested at the peak of ripeness in the early morning to guarantee the freshness of the fruit. The grape must is fermented with wild yeasts and left to age for 18 months in large wooden foudres or vats to respect the essence of the fruit, rounding off the wine and giving it a balanced complexity.

A precise, deep wine with a bright cherry-red colour, it delights the palate with juicy fruit and earthy tones. Palacios-Remondo Propiedad exhibits extremely fine tannins and fragrances of Mediterranean herbs, red fruit and cocoa. Subtle, delicious and with an elegantly classic transparency, Propiedad blends power and style in a sublime way. A fine mouth, sensual and delicate, gives little clue as to its magnificent laying-down potential. Aromas of rose petals, spices, orange peel and cherries appear after a few minutes in the glass — all the freshness of vineyards located at an altitude of 550 metres and the elegance of pebble-covered chalky soils.

Propiedad is a splendid wine, clear proof of the potential behind the combination of Grenache grapes and the Rioja Oriental region. The smooth Mediterranean influence and northern breezes the vines enjoy are the perfect formula for Alvaro Palacios to be able to create a wonderfully unique Grenache red wine.


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 15ºC and 17ºC

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by: Kai (25/02/2020) - Vintage 2017

Fuerte pero suave!

Un equilibrio impresionante de sabor muy de fruta sin ser exagerado. Lo bebimos con pasta y era perfecto. También con comida libanesa y era sorpendemente bien. Con queso también. Muy versátil para un vino con tanto sabor. Era un poco más caro que quería gastar pero aprecio mucho su calidad. A 20€, me encantaría todavía más!

by: JLAA (18/02/2020) - Vintage 2017

Es único en su precio.

Excepcional, las valoraciones profesionales efectuadas en su página web se corresponden con la realidad, no defrauda. Profundo, sabroso y con matices apreciables.

by: Rafael (25/05/2018) - Vintage 2015


Sorprende este vino por su profundidad. Un vino excelente a precio muy asequible. Acompañarlo con una buena carne al horno.

by: Kai (05/07/2017) - Vintage 2011

Klasse Wein

Klasse Wein: fruchtig und würzig! Dunkle Beeren, Schwarzkirschen, Pflaumenmus, schön erdig und sehr grosse weitere Aromenvielfalt (Oliven, Nelken, Zimt etwas Vanille).

by: Ricardo (12/04/2017) - Vintage 2011


Grüße an den Winzer! Ein Bombentropfen der auf der Zunge schmilzt. Ein Donnervogel der auf dem Gaumen seine Kreise zieht.

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