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L'Ermita 2017



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Spec sheet

TypeRed Wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti14.5%
Production1,400 bottles

The wine

Álvaro Palacios describes his exquisite and highly esteemed wine L’Ermita as a wine for intimacy, for which no words are needed, just emotion. L’Ermita caresses all our senses with a texture that defies description and a power shrouded in touching finesse; truly moving.

Summary of Álvaro Palacios's evaluation of the 2015 vintage

The 2015 harvest has been one of Álvaro Palacios' most productive in the Priorat. Occasional snowfall in winter, not too much rain and some high temperatures, the highest since records began in that area.

The year started off with some autumnal showers which carried on until well into the beginning of November, and after that a mild winter, with clement temperatures. It wasn't until February that temperatures registered a substantial drop, with a minimum low of -4,7º C, and snowfall left a 10 cm layer on the Priorat's vines, a most welcome protective blanket that kept the plants warm during their winter rest-time and helped the wines that resulted to have a special charm and loveliness.

March's arrival was also one of rainfall and humidity. Budding took place at the end of the month, and after a dry April, the hot days in May brought flowering. June was changeable, with rain and even some hail in l'Ermita which damaged a tenth of the berries. Then, a heatwave with temperatures reaching up to 42 ºC at the beginning of July. Occasional showers at the end of that month gave way to a dry, hot August, with some rain falling in the last few days and in September.

This rain at the end of summer made us worry about the appearance of botrytis and generally caused feelings of nervousness and impatience, but with the arrival of stability in the last part of September, the grapes could carry on maturing in an excellent state of health. The harvest lasted from the middle of September until November 1st in a healthy atmosphere, with cool nights and bright days, and dry air.

A crop that has produced wines that are silky and long, fluid and unctuous on the palate, of a pinker colour than usual and with an intense juiciness. Wines full of lively energy and magical charm. There'll only be a short time to wait before being able to give a better assessment of this vintage, with the wines' acidity a little perturbing at the moment.

Drinking and storing

Serve between 15ºC and 17ºC

Winery's evaluation of the vintage

The winter saw regular and moderate rain, alongside temperatures lower than those of the two previous vintages. However, everything changed in spring. Only 60 litres of rainfall were registered between March and May, representing a mere quarter of the average amount in this region. At the same time, temperatures were a couple of degrees above normal, causing an early budding and flowering. The fruit set of the Grenache grapes was almost 100%, but the rains so needed for the plants to flourish stayed away, except for a little, and insufficient, drizzle in June.

The dry and stifling spring was followed by a hot summer with temperatures hitting highs of 47 degrees celsius. This led to the grape harvest starting on one of the earliest dates in recent history. International grape varieties used for the Camins del Priorat wine were collected during the last few days of August — the grapes were small and sparse compared to previous years. However, the indigenous vines — especially the older Grenache and Carignan ones — once again revealed their Mediterranean character, producing top-quality fruit despite all the hardships.

Perhaps it was the fresh yet intrinsically humid sea breeze that helped this miracle, producing flavoursome wines with a high concentration and lively acidity. The 2017 wines exude energy and strength, joy and beauty. Honest wines to conquer the hearts of all those who try them.

Ratings and awards

2019100 PK98 PN98 SK
201899 PK97 PN98 SK
201798 PK97 PN98 SK
201697-100 PK
201596 PN
201498 PK
PK: ParkerPN: PeñínSK: Suckling

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Wine making

Ageing period16 months
Type of woodFrench oak


Finca L'Ermita

Vine ageBetween 85 and 105 years
YieldsLow yields
Surface area1.00 hectares

The winery

Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios came to the Priorat in 1989, to the town of Gratallops to be precise, following the lead of a group of local producers fully intending to pass on through their wines all the character of this land, full of its own brightness, with the shining Mediterranean sun, the gleaming slate in rocky crags, and brightly-coloured fennel in the olive groves. This is mystic, spiritual country tracing back its past to the Carthusian monks, who worked at cultivating vines...