Elías Mora Crianza 2015

Red Crianza wine Bodegas Elías Mora Toro (Spain) Tinta de Toro Price: 14.50 € VAT incl. 0.75 L bottle
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14.50 € 0.75 L bottle

Details for Elías Mora Crianza 2015

Red Crianza wine
Bodegas Elías Mora
Wine region:
Toro (Spain)
Grape varieties:
Tinta de Toro
0.75 L
Alcohol content:

Elías Mora Crianza 2015
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This extraordinary red is made from grapes grown on old vines in the village of San Román de la Hornija. There, near to Villafranca de Duero, enjoying an inclement continental climate, the plants in bush form deliver Tinta de Toro at its very best. The grapes are harvested manually very early in the morning and once destalked, they ferment for about 20 days. Immediately afterwards the process of rounding off the wine takes place in large American and French oak barrels. After a brief period of reposing in bottle, the Elías Mora Crianza is released onto the market, brimming with the essence of its land of origin, bringing very much to the fore the denomination's enormous potential and that of the Tinta de Toro variety.

On uncorking the bottle, we find an immense red that's a lovely purple colour, and combines the virtues of traditional Toro DO wines with the more positive characteristics of the new Castilian reds. It has body and aromatic intensity, but freshness and acidity too; it flows and expands as it does so. On the nose, mineral and ink notes can be discerned, the well-ripened black fruit (although some red fruit too) and the fine spices arising from its oak ageing. On the palate, it's pure silk, equally delicate and intense; certainly a Toro, and among the finest. Cocoa, dried orange peel, liquorice... It begins taking its leave at a slow pace, firmly and furtively, and moves off elegantly, leaving behind it a protracted hint of ripe fruit and blue flowers.

Food Pairing:
Duck with red fruits / feathered game / mushrooms
Optimum serving temperature:

Customer reviews of Elías Mora Crianza 2015

There are no reviews yet of Elías Mora Crianza 2015 but there are of other vintages:

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Elías Mora Crianza 2012

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4.67 /5 (Based on 3 reviews)

Bodegas Elías Mora

Bodegas Elías Mora
* Bodegas Elías Mora

Toro, Spain

Contact details

+34 983 784 029

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