Libido 2013

Young red wine DSG Vineyards Navarra (Spain) Grenache Price: 7.15 € VAT incl. 0.75 L bottle Other vintages and formats available: 2012 - - 7.15 €

7.15 € 0.75 L bottle

Details for Libido 2013

Young red wine
DSG Vineyards
Wine region:
Navarra (Spain)
0.75 L

When David Sampedro Gil founded this new winery, he stamped it with his own initials (DSG) with the aim of bringing together his wine production from both the Rioja and Navarra denominations. His philosophy has not changed since 2003: he wants to produce wines that really matter to people and make a difference. This project started in the Navarra DO on discovering the Pasolasmonjas estate, with its vineyards of ‘mountain-planted’ Garnacha, growing old vines aged between 60 and 70 years old, from which he produces his rosé, his young red (Libido) and his oak-aged wine: Pasolasmonjas.

Libido exhibits certain nuances that bring to mind some of the prestigious wines of the Roussillon and Rhone regions: when tasting blind, we come across a complex range of spicy aromas, like freshly-ground black pepper, cayenne and nutmeg…perhaps you were under the influence of those headily fragrant bushes, David?

On the palate there is a perfectly defined style revealed as spicy, vegetal and rounded, with touches of citric fruit; a style that combines the rusticity of certain Priorat wines with the distinct flavour of pepper, earthy dust, spices and lush greenness…so characteristic of the Languedoc-Roussillon.

The Garnacha Libido, utterly desirable!

Alcohol content:
Optimum serving temperature:

Libido 2013
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DSG Vineyards

David Sampedro Gil
* David Sampedro Gil

Navarra, Spain

DSG is the personal project of a spirited, dynamic oenologist by the name of David Sampedro Gil. Connected through family links to several of the best bodegas presently operating in Rioja Alavesa, David founded his own winery which he christened with his initials, with the aim of concentrating production of...

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