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Introduced by the Romans and extended by the medieval monasteries of Cistercian monks, vine cultivation and wine production in the Bierzo region have undergone in recent years a wine-growing revolution that has placed its output on the world map of great wines


The main factor behind this success is the area’s indigenous variety, the Mencía, a red grape producing wines that are well-structured, meaty, silky smooth and elegant - characteristics that have satisfied even the most demanding palates and help to make the future look very bright indeed.

Another important factor is its geographical situation. Located in the north-west of Castilla-León and bordering Galicia, Bierzo boasts a special microclimate. Shelter is provided by the León Mountains and the...

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Bierzo wine, 2009 vintage

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Casar de Burbia 2009 (Magnum)

18.95 € Young red Crianza wine, Bierzo (Spain) Bodega Casar de Burbia Mencia

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