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Libalis Frizz 5.5



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Spec sheet

TypeWhite wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti5.5%

The wine

The Libalis Collection by Castillo de Maetierra is an amazing explosion of aromas. Three wines created using one of the finest, and most aromatic and elegant grape varieties in the world – the small-berry Muscat variety known as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains. The Muscat, Rosé and Frizz 5.5 wines share the same wonderful characteristics: fruity, fresh, easy to drink, and a very silky and wrap-around sensation in the mouth. Three wines waiting to delight you with no fuss. Once tasted, you're sure to try them again!

Last but not least, a wine bursting with refreshing tropical fruit, Libalis Frizz 5.5. The origin of its name lies in the fact that once the wine has reached an alcoholic volume of 5.5º, it is cooled to a temperature low enough to halt fermentation and leave a sweet and fruity naturally-carbonated result. An extra touch of fizz is added when bottling to give it the sparkle which blends with aromas of fresh fruit to create a special wine.

What does this wine taste like?

Pale yellow / Bright / Fine delicate bubbles
Expressive / Exotic fruits / Fresh grapes
Frizzante / Refreshing / Intense

Drinking and storing

Serve between 6ºC and 8ºC

Customer reviews

2 reviews

The winery

Castillo de Maetierra

Castillo de Maetierra is the only winery in La Rioja specialising in white wines and a pioneer of the Vinos de la Tierra de Valles de Sadacia mark of origin. Thanks to its collection of high expression white wines, this winery has set in motion a real ‘white revolution’ in Spain; a collection of elegant, delicate wines, yet at the same time able to cause quite a stir due to their colour, aroma and flavour: from dry, fresh and aromatic whites, moving on to elegant, smooth and...