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Dolç d'Orto Blanc 2017 (0.37 L)

Dolç d'Orto Blanc

2017 (0.37 L)
Montsant (Spain)
0.37 L

The Orto sweet wines are the crowning achievement of the Orto Vins project. As regards the white, it...


/ 0.37 L btl

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0.37 L - 2017


The Orto sweet wines are the crowning achievement of the Orto Vins project. As regards the white, it has Garnacha Blanca (80%) as its base and the remaining grapes are sourced from a whole host of varieties scattered around the old-vine estates, including Macabeo, Planta, Trobats, Tripó de Gat, Mamella de Monja, Picapoll Blanco, and Ceps de Sant Jaume; they are all found growing on the different Masroig estates. In the wine-making process, the grapes are left to dry out on matting for 42 days, pressed and then into steel tanks.

Dolç d'Orto Blanc is unctuous and enveloping on the palate, with an acidic backbone imbuing that essential freshness which demands another glass, and then another. Having over 200 g/l of residual sugar places it on a level with a German super-botrytized wine! Dolç d'Orto Blanc brings back to life all the fresh sweetness of those grapes.

Orto Vins

Orto Vins

Orto Vins is one of the most interesting projects to have been set up in the Priorat region in recent times. Opting for the Montsant D.O, four vinegrowers have joined ranks: Jordi Beltran, Josep M. Beltran, Josep M. Jové and Joan Asens. They have followed in the vine-growing footsteps of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, with a long tradition of working in cooperatives, and in 2008 they decided to start up their own winery and make top quality wines. U...