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The Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company is renowned for making wines solely from native varieties, for recl...

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/ 0.75 L btl

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Wine Corriente 2018


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Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2018


The Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company is renowned for making wines solely from native varieties, for reclaiming forgotten vineyards (such as its projects in Málaga and Cebreros) and for championing tradition, the heritage of the past, coming up with delightful, easy-drinking wines, with the large majority very reasonably priced. It offers us Corriente as its version of a traditional everyday wine, upholding the claim that wine is an everyday food and showing support for locally-grown wine.

In character, Corriente is a little rustic, but expressive and good quality, well-made. It's a Picota cherry colour, with a slightly earthy hue on the rim, surely due to the Garnacha; three of the native Rioja varieties partake in its making: Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano, sourced from Lanciego vine growers, and used casks and barrels made of both American and French oak participate in its ageing.

Soon after opening, some vegetal notes are apparent, which quickly blend in, and without being very intense, it reveals great fruit (red), yet given a boost by some very refreshing notes of black pepper and laurel, dusty hints, the odd sweet touch of black liquorice and an undertone of really smooth creamy coffee; a dash of alcohol comes over at first, which endorses its rusticity. Best open it an hour beforehand, uncork and leave it on the table, while you prepare the meal, and you'll find that it settles down.

It's fresh on the palate, fairly dry but juicy too, light-bodied, pleasant and easy to drink, with an extremely subtle bitter undertone that lengthens its persistence, without being troublesome. Another honest wine always to have at hand; and if you haven't finished it by the end of lunch or dinner, put the same cork back in, keep it in a cool place and you'll find you can enjoy it the next day, as it's a quality wine and has good acidity.

Food pairing

Daytime conversation / Tapas / Barbecues / Peppered steak / Meat rice dishes


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 17ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Paul Edwards (30/12/2016) - Vintage 2014

Awful, dull and without taste

I think I rate this at the worst wine I have ever had from Vinissimus. It had no taste, no fruit, no character,,,tastless junk. While the write=up was good, sadly the wine is only fit to be put down the sink. Awful

by: Tommy (27/11/2017) - Vintage 2015

Interesting mix of grapes

Solid, easy drinking red. Nothing notable about the wine but enjoyable with some red meats, needs to be warmed to room temperature or above

by: Lamarcade (29/12/2016) - Vintage 2014

Une découverte !

Le rioja est une belle région vinicole que je m'empresse de découvrir ! J'espère que celui-ci sera un bonheur à partager en famille ou avec des amis

by: Rodolfo Cotarelo (17/12/2019) - Vintage 2016

No es tan corriente

Fresco, goloso, entra muy facil y tiene un paso agradable. Tal como dice su eslogan, perfecto para el día a día.

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