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Allende Blanco 2016

Allende Blanco

Rioja (Spain)

Allende Blanco is a wine of contrasts, of surprises, pleasant ones, and an ideal white for getting t...


/ btl 0.75 L

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Wine White Barrel Aged




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0.75 L - 2016


Allende Blanco is a wine of contrasts, of surprises, pleasant ones, and an ideal white for getting to know the great potential of the Rioja's Viura variety and being delighted with it.

The contrasts will become apparent when you compare the nose and palate; at first it seems there are two different wines. In the glass it's a very bright yellow, extremely limpid, and once poured, the aromas tally with that lightness of colour: subtly perfumed and tremendously fresh, citrus, with a very clean and well-defined nose, yet also revealing some surprising hints redolent of chalk. We asked Miguel Ángel about that character in this Rioja Alta region and he told us that the soils of Briones, the town where his vineyards are located, are ones that make the difference; clay soils, yes, but with a continuous substratum of calcareous gravel which makes the roots of those old vines sink down deep and extract a large amount of minerals. Warming up a bit, it develops a saline nuance, a balsamic waft and even a hint of the odd off-white flower. It's definitely not lacking in elegance, character, nor complexity either.

The great surprise, or the second one, comes through on the palate. It's impressive: very flavoursome, with great volume and the fruit provision is delicious, with flavours more of stone fruit than the citrus ones suggested by its nose, peach and very ripe greengage plums. Unless you'd read the technical sheet, you'd never believe that this wine not only ferments in new barrels but also ages in them for over a year, for a total of fourteen months, in French oak barrels and all new. The secret? Burgundy barrels with a very light toast. In fact, the Burgundy idea also comes to mind due to the overall quality and precision, recalling some of those superb Chardonnays. With the aftertaste, however, we are back to Rioja: maturity, tension and saline profundity, like some of the classics. A white that few can compare to, a great Viura, long and very persistent as well.

NOTE: Allende Blanco is almost a single varietal Viura and will ultimately become one in time. It has a mere 5% Malvasía from some vines planted among the Viura, but which Miguel Ángel intends to select and discard over time since, even though it's a variety that imparts aromas when the wine is young, it's quick to oxidise.

Food pairing

Grilled fish / Rice with fish / Pasta with cheese / Anchovies / Olives / Fish in sauce


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 10ºC and 12ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Angus (20 Jun) - Vintage 2016

A wine for many occasions

First recommended to me in a San Sebastien restaurant. I have enjoyed it as an aperatif, with fish, or chicken and even with some cheeses.

by: M TORRES (22/10/2019) - Vintage 2016


ligero picor en el ápice de la lengua, dulzor con suavidad, sabores frutales, acidez refrescante que se hace más áspera con el tiempo.

by: Borja (10/03/2019) - Vintage 2014

Suave blanco añejo

A menudo los blancos con crianza pueden ser demasiado intensos para los incautos, no es el caso con este vino, que es bebible desde el primer momento aunque mejora en la la primera hora después de su apertura.

by: Anthony (11/02/2019) - Vintage 2014

Excellent wine.

Soft rich nose with an elegant structure rich in the Malvasia flavour. Followed by a “drink me more” length that just lasts. Brilliant with a spicy paella.

by: Mateo (17/12/2018) - Vintage 2014

Muy rico

Vino agradable,muy aromatico y fresco en boca,me parece un caldo genial para carnes blancas y marisco,maravilloso blanco de Rioja,uno mas de tantos.

Finca Allende

Finca Allende

Miguel Ángel de Gregorio is one of the best winemakers in the country and an assiduous vine grower. Quite a reference point in La Rioja, he was one of the first to opt for single vineyard wines (Calvario and Aurus have been his principal exponents) and he is a firm supporter of indigenous varieties and hard work in the vineyard. He received praise first of all for his great efforts at Bodegas Bretón, but he attracted fame definitively due to the wines of his own winery: Finca...