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Spec sheet

TypeRed wine
AllergensContains sulfites
Alcohol contenti14.0%

The wine

Sang de Corb literally means 'crow's blood' in Catalan but it could also refer to the blood (sang) of Corbera, the small village where the Celler Frisach winery is located, an area which saw the blood of many victims of the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. The wine's label includes the words "lo vi fa sang", a Catalan expression meaning that wine makes your blood 'tougher'; that is, it makes you tougher and bolder, referring to the resilience and capacity of local people to overcome hardships and keep going.

Sang de Corb is produced from Red Grenache, Hairy Grenache and Carignan grapes growing alongside each other in the stony chalky-clay soils of the same vineyard. Concentrated grapes are collected from these old vines and vinified together to create an intense expression of the local terroir, a wine where earth and sky have as much to say as the grapes themselves. The vines are interspersed with almond, olive and apple trees, forming a local ecosystem with a wonderful variety of fauna and flora in a unique landscape. Each sip of Sang de Corb brings with it this rich diversity, honest and direct sensations, and a wonderful feeling of the pride and care its creators have for it.

It is aged sufficiently to balance and round off its palate but without losing any of its deep and honest character, or the extraordinary combination of top-quality fruit and characterful soils. A dark-coloured wine, it combines aromas of violets and dusty mountain paths with a silky touch and a praiseworthy balance between strength and freshness. Discrete spicy and smoky notes eventually appear after a few minutes in the glass, bringing aromas to a pleasingly rustic palate. Sang de Corb is purity and balance, traditional agriculture and landscapes, a wine indicating the promising future that we hope awaits the Terra Alta region.

What does this wine taste like?

Picota cherry / Opaque
Violets / Earthy notes / Spices / Smoky notes
Balanced / Fresh / Rustic / Persistent

Drinking and storing

Serve between 14ºC and 16ºC

Food pairing

Grilled meat / Lamb / Cured cheeses

Customer reviews

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Ageing period12 months
Type of woodFrench oak


ClimateContinental with Mediterranean influence

The winery

Celler Frisach

Celler Frisach

The Celler Frisach project run by Francesc Ferré and his family started out as a defiant decision to make their own wines rather than sell their grapes to large winemakers for a very poor price. Convinced their vineyards have a special character, which add value to their fruit, they started to make wine with simple modest facilities which have expanded year by year. Francesc and his brother Joan are among the few youngsters who have decided to continue working the land in the...