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Maius Clàssic 2017

Maius Clàssic

Priorat (Spain)

Maius is the principal wine of this bodega which is situated in the most northerly part of the denom...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Maius Clàssic 2017


Alcohol content i


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2017


Maius is the principal wine of this bodega which is situated in the most northerly part of the denomination, in the locality of Morera de Montsant. Maius, the shortened version, although it's known by everyone as Maius Clàssic, an adjective that may not appear on the label yet is evident in the wine itself, its classic style.

Maius is a classic wine in the widest sense of the word, and the type of wine we can serve at any time knowing full well that it won't disappoint because it is quality, the sort that in its simplicity —and by simplicity here we mean authenticity, honesty, with no set purpose or objective, without pretensions— thrills us, a wine with no hidden surprises, that's very good, and feels even comfortably familiar too. All in all, the sort of wine we can trust, that will pair up with almost everything, especially with traditional cuisine, from rice dishes to rich cannelloni, including stews, roasts, grilled meats with garlic mayonnaise, and the typically Catalan bread with tomato and ham or large spring onions with roasted red pepper sauce. Fabulous!

In Maius we find all those tertiary notes that so clearly define a classic, hints of leather and oily touches such as of cured cheese, wafts of recently-cut bread and tobacco whiffs. Yet there are also primary ones, for both on the nose and the palate the fruit's ripeness and juiciness are there to enjoy, neither sweet nor bitter but very well-balanced and complemented by the landscape: aromas of earth and dry firewood. Maius may not have the elegance of the very refined Priorats nor the rusticity of others, but it's most definitely a classic-style Priorat: mature, juicy, profound, robust, mineral, made well and extremely good; it leaves a wonderful flavour in the mouth with an earthy aftertaste and light traces of sun-dried grapes. A wine to always have at home, ready to share with friends and family.

Food pairing

Veal with mushrooms / Rice dishes / Lamb / Turkey / Chocolate / Lasagne / Game stews / Cannelloni / Duck with red fruits / Chicken with raisins and plums / Traditional cuisine / Grilled meat / Calçots with romesco sauce / Pa amb tomàquet


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 15ºC and 17ºC

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by: Joanet (05/11/2019)

Priorat con nivel

Un excelente tinto crianza en que su relación calidad - precio esta muy decantado hacia la calidad del propio producto.

by: belen (12/02/2017)


despues de respirar media hora , llena todas las expectativas del corte. habituada a beber cortes Chilenos con syrah y carignan estaba deseando probar los vinos del priorat en mi paso por España y tengo que fekicitar al enologo porque consigue trnasmitir en el vino la personalidad del Cariñena, apoyado en la garnacha, uva invatible del Mediterraneo combinandose con la Cabernet sauvignon pra redondear a la perfeccion el vino.