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Barraco Terre Siciliane Pignatello 2015

Barraco Terre Siciliane Pignatello


Pignatello is the red grape variety which reigns supreme in the Trapani vineyards, but nevertheless,...

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Details for Barraco Terre Siciliane Pignatello 2015


Wine Red




Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2015


Pignatello is the red grape variety which reigns supreme in the Trapani vineyards, but nevertheless, despite this dominant presence, it's a rare occurrence to taste a wine in which this grape expresses itself in all its purity. Barraco Pignatello offers one of these rare opportunities. A wine in which, thanks to the producer's sensitivity, the grape's characteristics are expressed in all their splendour. The wine ferments by means of indigenous yeasts and ages for several months in stainless steel, and without any ageing in wood so that the variety's distinctive features are enhanced.

In the glass, it appears a raspberry-red colour with clear and fragrant aromas of strawberries, red currants and cranberries; the sea's influence doesn't take long to reach us with the powerful taste of iodine and after that, other hints of tobacco, liquorice, India ink and Mediterranean maquis. On the palate it lives up to our expectations and we find a fruity, fresh wine that makes its entrance forcefully. It's vibrant, flavoursome and with very well balanced tannins which make it an invigorating wine to enjoy sip by sip.

Food pairing

Stinco di maiale / Cannelloni al ragù / Pani ca meusa / Involtini alla siciliana

Tasting notes

  • ViewRosso rubino
  • Bouquet:Macchia mediterranea / Note iodate / Fruttato / Varietale
  • Mouth:Fruttato / Fresco / Gustoso / Beverino


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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by: Sir Joe (20 Nov) - Vintage 2015

ottima scoperta

ottimo rosso dal colore rubino con riflessi granati, al naso intenso, speziato e frutta rossa in confettura, forte liquirizia. all'assaggio intenso e pieno caldo e tannico. a conferma delle sensazioni precedenti. voto 88

Nino Barraco

Nino Barraco

Unique wines, with personality, character and clearly marked by territory. These are the premises formulated by Nino Barraco's winery, one of those which has made a bigger investment and to better effect in the organic production of its wines. Originating in Marsala, Nino Barraco's wines are some of Sicily's fundamentals, fruit of an entirely artisanal way of working, directed by Nino at each and every stage, from harvesting to ageing. Organic management of the vineyard, s...