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Balmeta 2018


Empordà (Spain)

Balmeta is a single-variety wine made from Carignan or, as it is usually called in Empordà, Samsó. W...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Balmeta 2018


Alcohol content i


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2018


Balmeta is a single-variety wine made from Carignan or, as it is usually called in Empordà, Samsó. With a long history in Catalonia, the Samsó vines bravely resist the local cold and intense north wind known as the tramuntana and enjoy the spectacular red skies at dusk so common in this area. As the winery states, Balmeta is a wine designed to transmit the spirit and strength of these lands.

A wine for all wine-lovers, yet in no way is it a simple or commercial wine. The constant hard work carried out by Empordàlia in their vineyards and winery produces this pleasant version of Carignan. It has a medium-intensity cherry colour, and slow legs, with aromas of scrubland, blackberries and cherry skins, as well as notes of cream and vanilla thanks to the fermentation and ageing processes. The wine's acidity is in no way jarring, but well-integrated over a body of ripe fruit and comforting reminiscences of wood (cloves and white pepper). The somewhat bitter tones of this variety are present but, far from being an annoyance, they encourage you to take another sip. After standing in the glass for a few minutes, faint hints of charcoal and smoke appear revealing the fact that it originates in the slate soil hillsides of Garriguella.

It is not the most complex single-variety Samsó wine made in Empordà, but it is a perfectly clear example of what this grape can offer. An ideal opportunity for wine fans who may be reluctant about this variety to try a Samsó (Carignan) wine and learn to enjoy its delightful features. The year it spends in the bottle does wonders, making it a red wine easily comparable to other wines in a much more expensive price range. The fact that it only ages for a short time in French oak demonstrates that great grapes do not necessarily need long ageing processes to bring out their splendid character.

Food pairing

Cooked sausages / Stews / Grills / Aperitifs / Tapas / Any type of meat / Grilled meat / At any time


  • Climate:Mediterranean

Tasting notes

  • ViewPicota cherry red / Intense
  • Bouquet:Red fruit / Spicy notes / Cherries / Strawberries / Blackberries / Fruit aromas / Ripe black fruit
  • Mouth:Persistent / Fresh / Liquorice / Expressive tannins / Pleasant finish / Menthol notes


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 14ºC and 16ºC