Arrayán Syrah 2013

Red Crianza wine Bodega Arrayán Méntrida (Spain) Syrah Price: 17.90 € VAT incl.17.00 € VAT incl. 0.75 L bottle
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17.00 € 0.75 L bottle

Details for Arrayán Syrah 2013

Red Crianza wine
Bodega Arrayán
Wine region:
Méntrida (Spain)
Grape varieties:
0.75 L
Alcohol content:

Arrayán Syrah 2013
Front and back


Arrayán Syrah is one of those wines that you need to enjoy at leisure, slowly savouring its voluminous mouthfeel; it is a wine that moves through stages and which leaves us at the end with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Once in the glass its density becomes obvious and it shows off its dark Picota cherry colour as it gently evolves. On the nose it is clean and honest, offering aromas of fruit harvested at its best moment, fresh aromas of ripe black fruit, of forest fruits. In time and after letting it stand in the glass, it acquires a warmer, denser character, as aromas of black olives and spicy notes come through, notes reminiscent of roast meat, yet without losing its freshness, offering a “balsamic” warmth; and it picks up again that more rustic and refreshing (menthol) quality when we give the glass another swirl. It is a well-finished wine, wholly balanced, pleasant and appetising, with a gentle perfume that encourages us to taste its flavour.

On the palate blackberries and lactic notes are predominant, and the initial refined bitterness develops into subtle sweetness by the finish. It has a lot of body and is persistent. In that persistence there appears a mineral background (lead pencil) and smoky notes. It is a wine with good structure, long-lasting, definitely a wine to enjoy in a peaceful setting, with good food and especially over a lengthy postprandial chat.

Food Pairing:
Veal stew / stewed meats with mushrooms / afternoon/evening conversation / dishes with creamy sauces / barbecues
Optimum serving temperature:
Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Bodega Arrayán

Bodega Arrayán
* Bodega Arrayán

Méntrida, Spain

Contact details

+34 916 633 131

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