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Jumilla Essentials

Jumilla Essentials



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Up until 1970, Jumilla was known almost solely for producing large amounts of high alcohol, dark-coloured bulk wine, the industrial wineries and cooperatives shared out the vineyards between them and there was very little space for small, independent wineries. After the marked effect caused by the phylloxera, the move towards the Monastrell variety started, as a grape capable of exhibiting all the character hidden within the region, and harvesting began taking place earlier so that fresher wines could be offered, wineries modernised their equipment, in order to have better control over temperatures, and as the years passed, exports have been on the increase. Today, that makes up half of its production.

Nowadays, Jumilla is a modern denomination and an emerging area of quality where producers have understood how to interpret with elegance the poverty of its chalky brown soils, and take advantage of the altitude and Mediterranean-continental climate. The star variety, although not the only one, is undoubtedly the Monastrell and some of the most outstanding work at the moments comes to us from great wineries such as Juan Gil, Casa Castillo and specially Bruma del Estrecho de Marín, with their exceptional parcel wines.