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Pinot gris

Pinot gris is the world's most widely grown grey berry grape, i.e. reddish, actually, one of the most cultivated in the world. Of good vigour and constant productivity, it requires attention both in the vineyard and in the cellar, also because it adapts only to certain climates, generally cool or temperate. Originally from Burgundy, it is still widespread in France, but no longer as it once was. In fact, it has now taken on a predominantly international profile, and is grown in quantity in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and, above all, Italy. Gaining success in the twentieth century, by industrial wineries very oriented on quantity, especially in Triveneto, pinot grigio in Italy has ridden the wave of some characteristics that make it an immediate and obviously easy-to-drink white wine: with intense and easily identifiable aromas, floral and fruity, it usually expresses a velvety structure and without edges, with good alcohol content. In recent years in the same regions, but occasionally also elsewhere, such as in Tuscany, pinot grigio is enhanced for its mineral side, enhancing the more multi-faceted qualities of its structure. It lends itself very well to be vinified after a light stay of the must in contact with the skins, taking on a coppery colour and a pleasant roundness.

Pinot Gris wines

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