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Amarone wine

Amarone is one of the great gems of the Veneto region and particularly of Valpolicella. It may have had a reputation for being rather heavy and difficult in the past, but nowadays, thanks to new production methods and the expertise of master winemakers such as Dal Forno, Quintarelli, Masi and Allegrini, among others, it’s considered to be one of Italy’s finest wines. It’s produced using dried grapes but fully fermented, which means it’s a dry wine; the sweet version is called Recioto. Amarones have plenty of colour and body, dense, with a high level of alcohol and significant cellaring potential, sumptuous reds and genuine meditation wines, ready to be enjoyed on their own. On our website you’ll find a good variety, from the most famous to the less well-known, but all excellent value for money, so well worth a try!

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