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Ruiz de Cardenas Galanta Rosé Brut

Ruiz de Cardenas Galanta Rosé Brut

Lombardia (Italy)

The Ruiz de Cardenas company is a gem. Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas for pleasure, with passion and comp...


/ 0.75 L btl

Details for Ruiz de Cardenas Galanta Rosé Brut


Alcohol content i


Bottle size

0.75 L


The Ruiz de Cardenas company is a gem. Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas for pleasure, with passion and competence produces wines of impeccable workmanship on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese. Each phase of the processing is approached with the utmost care: from the manual harvesting of the grapes, to the sorting of the bunches, to the remuage, which is also done manually. All the attention that the producer reserves for his wines and of which, you can understand it by tasting these nectars, is finally rewarded.

As soon as it is poured into the glass, it develops a compact and soft foam that quickly dissolves, leaving room for an admirable, copious, fine and persistent perlage. By bringing the glass to the nose, you are enraptured by the grace of fruity and mineral hints: delicate wild strawberries, roses and pomegranate grains. Tasting an unmistakable style, firmness, energy, elegance, minerality and taste. A precious wine.

Food pairing

Carpaccio di pesce / Ceviche / Crostacei allo zenzero / Tartare di pesce

Tasting notes

  • ViewPerlage fine / Rosa salmone
  • Bouquet:Rosa / Elegante / Fragolina di bosco / Melagrana
  • Mouth:Sottile / Minerale / Pulito / Armonico


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 4ºC and 6ºC

Ruiz de Cardenas

Ruiz de Cardenas

Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas is a man who makes wine as an art. He is not interested in the laws of the market and the tastes of the masses. He does not disclose the technical data of his production and lets the bottles speak for themselves. An extreme approach? Perhaps, but the quality of his wines is an undisputed value in Oltrepò Pavese. Here, where for too many years commerce has raged eroding very broad spaces for quality, since the early 1980s Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas has...