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Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas 2016

Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas

Bierzo (Spain)

It was a great discovery to come across this winery after endless chats about wines and tasting them...


/ btl 0.75 L

Details for Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas 2016


Wine Red Crianza




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Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2016


It was a great discovery to come across this winery after endless chats about wines and tasting them. Somebody remarked: “Marcos, that friend of Raúl Pérez who works with him, makes a fantastic wine over in Bierzo, but it’s very difficult to find due to low production…just 4,000 bottles”. I was very interested in trying it, so we did all we could to get hold of a sample to taste and that’s when we gave way to sheer emotion… Congratulations, Marcos, on your wine and the work you continually put into the vineyard. It means that yours is my favourite wine in my 2009 Selection. Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas is just this - carefully executed wine production resulting from the hard work Marcos puts into his vineyards at Valtuille de Abajo and Pieros, the best districts in the Bierzo area. An exceptional, ruby-hued wine, typical in tone of a Mencía Reserva. Exotic, heady aromas; lactic, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, citric fruits, flowers, white cocoa, leather and vanillin. One particular fragrance comes over with a powerful impact: the orange, reminiscent of the Hermes perfume Eau d’Orange Verte. The sensations released in the mouth arise from a top-class wine: three-dimensional, freshness, vitality and citric-sweet acidity. An incredible feeling on the palate, like pure fruit juice. This is a thought-provoking wine, and one to savour taking one sip at a time.

A wine in the same style as Bordeaux… Saint-Julien, of course.

Aged for 11 months in new French oak barrels.


  • Optimum serving temperature:18ºC

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by: Barfly (17/07/2018) - Vintage 2015

Un vino especial

Fantástico bouquet de sabores concentrados; mineral, profundo, transita con nervio y frescura.Especial. Recomiendo airear media hora antes de su consumo.

Vinos Valtuille

Vinos Valtuille

Vinos Valtuille is a small, familiar-run winery, with Marcos García Alba one of the new-wave wine-produers and bodega owners in Bierzo, that took on the challenge of creating quality wines at the beginning of 2000, making an important investment in installations, facilities and plenty of technical resources. Marcos launched onto the market under the brand name of Pago de Valdoneje, giving rise to a young, single varietal Mencía wine that has been growing in reputation out th...