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Dettori Renosu Rosso

Dettori Renosu Rosso

Romangia (Italy)

Dettori is one of the most interesting wineries in the whole of Sardinia, well-known for its serious...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Dettori Renosu Rosso


Wine Red




Alcohol content i


Bottle size

0.75 L


Dettori is one of the most interesting wineries in the whole of Sardinia, well-known for its serious approach and total involvement in every stage of its wine production. From care of the vineyards to bottling, all processes are carried out naturally, with minimum intervention. If you visited the winery, you'd be surprised to find there aren't any barrels there, just concrete tanks in which the wine, without the addition of any sulphur, yeasts or chemicals, continues to evolve until bottling, with no clarification nor filtration. Bear this in mind when you open a bottle of Renosu; it's a totally artisanal and natural wine, and therefore drinking it no sooner than three days after its delivery is recommended and, once uncorked, it's advisable to leave it to breathe and let it continue its evolution in the wine glass.

Renosu is what could be called the winery's entry-level wine, produced using grapes that have not undergone such a rigorous selection as in the case of its more special wines.

Bring the wine glass close to your nose and you'll instantly realise that Renosu has much to offer. An intense perfume, diverse and refined will undoubtedly attract your attention: notes of lavender and Mediterranean copses, red and orange fruits, with smooth tannins and a discreet sugary touch, all balanced however by a lovely freshness and strong minerality. A great wine, full, fleshy, with plenty of body and goodness.

Food pairing

Cinghiale / Lamb / Spezzatino con patate / Stufato

Tasting notes

  • ViewRosso rubino
  • Bouquet:Macchia mediterranea / Liquirizia / Prugna / Arancia rossa
  • Mouth:Fresco / Morbido / Sapido / Polposo


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Palmi Sigmarsson (12 Mar)


Good nice aroma, dense colour, long aftertaste Blacberrys vanilla chocolate good value

by: Gori (23/05/2020)


Really enjoyed this wine. Well balanced, fruity and very versatile. One that I would certainly recommend. It was a great discovery.

by: MATTHAIOS STAVROU (17/12/2018)


I believe this wine it has everything. It's very exceptional the taste when you are drinking and definitely i will order it again

by: Willy (20 Mar)


Je n’apprécie pas cette rondeur extrême, vin presque sucré, ça en est troublant. Caractéristiques qui s’atténuent une fois le vin (très) ouvert. Manque tout de même de tension, de complexité.

by: Carlo Ciannarella (8 Mar)

Dettori sempre bene!

Anche quest'anno Renosu rosso riesce a integrare benissimo terra e mare; frutto rosso maturo con note di sottobosco che terminano in un finale salmastro. Poco evidenti i tannini, bevuta facile e appagante



Logudoro means "golden place". And it is here, among the rolling hills of north-western Sardinia, that the Dettori family has invested in vineyards and cellars to produce an historic wine which is natural and a long way from market needs. Well-tended saplings and an around-the-clock monitored built-in wine cellar: the fruits of the sacrifices of three generations have thus come to fruition in one of the wineries most beloved by devotees of thebiodynamic method. Everything ...

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