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This vine-growing region in Galicia, situated to the west and south of the province of Pontevedra and right in the heart of the Rías Baixas, has managed to place its white wines firmly on the map of great international wines. It is presently one of the Spanish DOs with the highest exports. Historically, according to tradition, it was the Cistercian monks of the Monastery of Armenteria who expanded the planting of vines in the 12th Century.

The deciding factor in this success is the native white grape Albariño, which is a variety that responds well to careful nurture in the vineyard and to new techniques in wine-processing methods. This all results in very fresh, aromatic, fruity, characterful wines, thereby convincing any critics and winning over even the most demanding palates. Other less...

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Rías Baixas wine, 2011 vintage

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Zárate Loureiro 2011

OUT OF STOCK Red Crianza wine, Rías Baixas (Spain) Zárate Loureiro

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