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Wines from Pellegrino

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Wines from Pellegrino

A notary from Marsala, Paolo Pellegrino founded in 1880 an agricultural winery destined to become among the largest and best known of Sicily. Custodian of tradition, Pellegrino winery has gradually expanded into all the wine areas of western Sicily. Variety and specialisation distinguish this great family in the land of Greeks and Phoenicians, where respect for history and for the territory goes hand in hand with the conversion of vineyards to organic.

Four great estates, a thousand microclimates and a strong, uncompromising belief in quality. The result is the Tripudium, one of the best Nero d'Avolas on the island, intensely fruity and balsamic, with spicy hints produced by a touch of barrique. And then, from exceptional estates like Salinaro, Gazzerotta and Kelbi, around Mazara, splendid pure indigenous vines that stand out for dynamism, kick and splendid fragrances. An all-round pleaser? Further north, towards Castellammare, a white Alcamo you will fall in love with!

UNESCO World Heritage Site, the vineyards of Pantelleria, terraced bush-vines overlooking the sea and above volcanic soils, are now the second home of the Pellegrino family. Here the Zibibbo reigns, velvety one second, slightly liqueur another, then, and it is grandiose, a passito. The Nes is a wine that leads the way: notes of apricot, candied fruit and dried fig are echoed by an opulent but vertical wine, of which you will never tire.

Marsala is the cradle of the Pellegrino family. And it is, also thanks to this great family, the most important fortified wine in Italy, the first, perhaps, to challenge world trade. For this incredible wine with long ageing, Pellegrino uses over a thousand wooden barrels. And the offer covers, with masterly precision and very attractive labels, all the types. There is sweet and dry, but also semi-dry. Gold, amber and the rare ruby, which is based on red grapes. And above all there is a modern and pop idea of Marsala: we need it!

  • Year founded1880
  • EnologistNicola Poma, Gaspare Catalano
  • Bottles produced per year6000000