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Wines from La Costa

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Wines from La Costa

In Brianza which, after the phylloxera devastation, had abandoned viticulture in favour of sericulture to produce silk or, more often, industrialisation, there is now a winery like La Costa, which has given new life to an apparently lost Lombard tradition. Among ancient terracing and new vineyards, the Crippa family has had the merit of giving new lustre to these magnificent soils which are beautifully exposed and blessed by the Lake Como breezes.

The project, now twenty years old, is located within the Regional Park of Montevecchia, a land that, for the Lombards of the nineteenth century, meant quality wine. The landscapes are of great naturalistic value, the terraced vineyards (these are the "ronchi" of the Curone Valley) and with steep slopes, the important diurnal temperature differences, which give the wines elegance, freshness and sapidity. Also, of course, the calcareous soils, rich in minerals and skeleton.

The few autochthonous vines have never been extinct, the company meritoriously focuses on the most suitable international ones. Riesling and Syrah at the forefront, with a rich and mature Solesta and a silky and beautiful Serìz respectively. And then also Pinot Noir and Merlot. The style? Finesse and detail, grace and fragrance.

  • Year founded1992
  • Own vineyards:12
  • Bottles produced per year30000
La CostaLa Costa