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Hacienda López de Haro

Taking contemporary tastes as their starting point, Hacienda López de Haro tries to recreate new “classics”, thus recapturing, especially regarding the simplicity and elegance, the philosophy behind the truly great wines. These made by Hacienda López de Haro are expressive wines, aromatic and with a very pleasant palate, midway between traditional and ‘high expression’, wines which are capable of satisfying the most discerning admirers while at the same time being completely enjoyed by the average consumer.

Hacienda López de Haro is part of the Vintae Group, a new corporate venture set up by José Miguel Arambarri Terrero, a businessman from La Rioja who is passionate about the world of wine and has now also been joined by his two sons, Ricardo and José Miguel. Other projects in Spain run by this innovative, creative company are: Maetierra Dominum (Valles de Sadacia), Winery Arts (Ribera del Queiles), Aroa Bodegas (Navarra), Bodega Bardos (Ribera del Duero ), Matsu (Toro), Proyecto Garnachas (Ribera del Queiles and Calatayud) and Castillo de Maetierra (Valles de Sadacia).

Wines from Hacienda López de Haro

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