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Capichera is an Italian winemaking firm located in the town of Arzachena among the graphite rocks of the Gallura region in the north of Sardinia , a spectacular and unique natural landscape and home to important historic traditions.

A family-run winery, at the end of the 1970s they had the foresight to take a decision which would be a turning point in winemaking, and not just for Sardinia. Capichera became the first winery to defend and successfully demonstrate the great potential for ageing Vermentino wines in barrels. Their commitment to this is based in top-quality grapes and wines and constantly striving to improve their production process via rigorous wine growing techniques and the utmost respect for the identity of the region, allowing the variety to develop all its greatness and unique features.

Many prestigious wine critics insist that the history of Capichera is the history of top-quality Vermentino. Passion, their energy and resources, and the continuous search for improvement over the years has defined new higher quality standards with individual and unique attention paid to each vineyard and vine, and a commitment to praise the characteristics of Vermentino wines.

Over the years, the company’s methods have led to innovative and exclusive results not just with Vermentino, but also with Carignan and Syrah grapes , producing top range wines closely linked to the Gallura terroir and all sharing the same winemaking philosophy.

Lintóri is the most direct and immediate expression of Vermentino, a fresh and mineral wine with its notes of citrus and tropical fruit so typical in this Mediterranean area. Vign'Angena is a Vermentino wine ideal for laying down: vinified in stainless steel, it delights with complex and seductive aromas and a lasting mineral and almond-like persistence. Identity, richness, opulence and longevity are the defining characteristics of Capichera, the flagship of the firm’s Vermentino wines, an intensely flavoursome wine with strong notes of flint.

  • Year founded1975
  • Own vineyards:50
  • EnologistFabrizio Ragnedda
  • Bottles produced per year250000