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Bodegas Habla

Bodegas HablaBodegas Habla

Bodegas Habla is a newly-founded winery in Extremadura and also a valuable research and investigation (R & I) enterprise, serving the vine-growing and wine-producing industry.

José Civantos and Juan Tirado, the winery’s owners, have opted for the most advanced techniques and invested in the most modern technology available. They have benefitted from having some great experts around them when making their wines – unique wines, treated separately each year and marketed under the same brand name, Habla, with its original design and identified by a number: Habla Nº 1, Habla Nº 2 and Habla Nº 3 for the first vintage (2005), Habla Nº 4 and Habla Nº 5 for the second (2006). This is because every year “nature itself creates such unique masterpieces. In the same way, each Habla is given its own number”.

Numbering among its large professional team, Bodegas Habla started out with the young oenologist from Madrid, Gonzalo Iturriaga, who trained in Montpellier, and on the lookout for new lands to discover, came to Extremadura. Mercedes Suárez is presently in charge of the winery’s technical department.

  • Year founded1999
  • Own vineyards:200
  • EnologistMercedes Suárez
  • Bottles produced per year600000

Wines from Bodegas Habla

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