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Petit verdot

A classic grape from Médoc, petit verdot contributes to the great Bordeaux wines but to a very limited extent compared to the "three tenors": cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc. Actually, it is often not even included in the blend, so much so that the hectares of vines along the estuary, have declined radically. It is also widespread in California, and, being a very late and extremely demanding vine to reach maturity, it is perhaps best expressed outside of Bordeaux. In Italy it gives good results in Maremma and Agro Pontino, thanks to the light, the Mediterranean climate and the good and warm ventilation. The wine obtained from its vinification as a single variety - a well-established practice in Italy, even if there are interesting blends with other more "gentle" international wines such as syrah - has a ruby red colour, intense fruity, floral and spicy aromas; on the palate the tannin is intense but the overall profile of the taste is soft and velvety, with a pronounced structure and excellent persistence. It lends itself well to ageing for about a year in wood, even barriques.