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Pintia 2016


Toro (Spain)

Pintia is to Toro, what Vega Sicilia is to the Ribera del Duero. Both wineries concentrate all their...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Pintia 2016


Wine Red Crianza




Alcohol content i


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2016


Pintia is to Toro, what Vega Sicilia is to the Ribera del Duero. Both wineries concentrate all their efforts on what is undeniably their obsession: perfection. Pintia was one of the first reds to prove the subtlety and elegance which the Tinta de Toro variety is capable of when it's well understood and handled with great care and respect. Pintia marks a before and after in wines of the Toro denomination and has raised quality standards to levels hitherto unimagined. Powerful reds abound in Toro, as well as some very elegant ones, but there are exceedingly few that combine powerfulness and elegance in such a dignified way as Pintia manages to do.

The grapes, hand-picked and selected in the vineyard, undergo a double selection process in the winery and are refrigerated to preserve their fruit intensity; they ferment in stainless steel and oak, and then rest for about a year in predominantly French oak. The ensuing wine is profound and intense, with a mesmerizing Picota cherry colour and a clean and distinctive nose dominated by the aromas of ripe fruit (blackberries and blueberries), refined oak, spices and balsamic hints. On the palate it's full and long, perfumed and rustic, tannic and most pleasant too. It shuns strong alcohol aromas and any over-ripeness, thanks to pinpoint acidity. Its finish, replete with vanilla and blue flowers, culminates in an ever-lasting aftertaste that's resoundingly warm.

Food pairing

Meet stews / Vegetable casseroles / Beef sirloin steak


  • Vine age:Between 40 and 60 years
  • Soil:Calcareous-clay / Alluvial
  • Climate:Continental


  • Ageing period:12 months
  • Barrel age:New
  • Type of wood:French and american oak

Tasting notes

  • ViewPicota cherry red / Violet rim
  • Bouquet:Red fruit / Flowers / Expressive / Mineral
  • Mouth:Balanced / Fresh / Opulent


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Customer reviews

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1 star
by: Miquel Pous Bayona (19 Apr) - Vintage 2016

Muy buena

Muy buena, entrega perfecta según tiempo estimado, servicio perfecto.

by: BLE69 (6 Mar) - Vintage 2016

Puissance et raffinement

Quelle classe : la puissance est maitrisée avec un équilibre parfait, beaucoup de tannins, de fruits rouges mûrs, des épices et des notes végétales mais même à 9 ans (millésime 2010), et avec 1h30 de carafe, c'est trop jeune mais c'est tellement bon qu'on a du mal à attendre

by: Luís (15/10/2020) - Vintage 2015

Buena experiencia

Tampoco es que me haya sorprendido, pero ha sido una experiencia muy agradable

by: Mr.Grape (31/07/2020) - Vintage 2015

Sempre Grande Spagna

Continua il mio approfondimento sui vini Spagnoli e riescono sempre a sorprendermi.

by: Rocco (03/07/2020) - Vintage 2015

Der Noble aus Toro

Ein echt genialer Wurf von Vega Sicilia aus diesem Trockengebiet von Toro. Power pur, aber trotzdem elegant, gut eingebundene Tannine, viel dunkle Frucht und langer Abgang.

Bodegas y Viñedos Pintia

Bodegas y Viñedos Pintia

Around the time of releasing the Alión winery's first vintage in 1995, Vega Sicilia was contemplating a new project that lay further afield, but close to the line of the River Duero. Toro in Zamora province presented itself as an interesting prospect, since it had a centuries-long tradition of wine-making that included some glorious spells, although then it went generally unnoticed. Recognising the region's potential, the venture began in 1997 after the purchase of 70 ha l...

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