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Kante Vitovska 2017

Kante Vitovska

Carso (Italy)

Edi Kante is one of the iconic winemakers of Venezia Giulia, probably the first to have guessed the ...


/ btl 0.75 L

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0.75 L - 2017


Edi Kante is one of the iconic winemakers of Venezia Giulia, probably the first to have guessed the potential of lean and difficult Trieste soils to produce great wines in the Karst. A charismatic and unconventional character, a vine artist-craftsman, Kante gives his wines a clear and unique style, both to internationals, and, and one could say above all, to the natives. A realm of environmental protection and biodiversity, Kante’s vineyards are distributed in about fifty scattered plots, which give very low yields which is partly due to the very poor soils. Very little fruit and very high quality, in short, also due to the minimal environmental impact of a particularly "wild" viticulture.

Edi Kante’s style is based on two assumptions: separate vinification of the plots, with a first ageing conducted separately in steel or wood, and the absence of maceration on the skins for the white grapes. An almost unusual practice in an area extremely oriented to maceration and to orange wines, which does nothing but restore authenticity and expressiveness to the vines and terroir.

In his evocative wine cellar, dug out from the karst soil and distributed over several floors, Edi Kante creates, among the various excellent wines in his catalogue, a sensational Vitovska. In a vineyard of about twenty years old on soils of red earth and limestone, this vine, probably of Slovenian origin but widespread in the Karst, gives its best. After fermentation, which takes place in wood, it stays for a year in barrique and then stabilises, but without any filtration, in steel.

Grapes of good structure by nature, in Edi Kante’s interpretation, Vitovska takes on a vivid and bright straw colour, with olfactory notes ranging from loquat to apple, from jasmine, to plum, mulberry and wildflower honey. Mentholated, balsamic, peppery and, above all, mineral whiffs conclude a harmonious and splendid counterpoint. It does not disappoint expectations on the palate, confirming its excellent structure but which is balanced, of great complexity, with echoes of officinal herbs and spices that respond to a thick iodine and saline texture. Persistence is, of course, infinite.

Food pairing

Ravioli di magro al burro / Carpaccio di branzino / Scampi al vapore / Ricciola al forno

Tasting notes

  • ViewGiallo paglierino
  • Bouquet:Erbe aromatiche / Nespola / Minerale / Bergamotto
  • Mouth:Sapido / Agrumato / Minerale / Teso


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 6ºC and 8ºC