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Garganega is one of the best and most significant white grapes in Italy, native to the Veneto region and above all to the Soave and Gambellara districts. Already cited between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it produces, in addition to the Soave and Gambellara DOCs, dry white wines, some sweet wines of the territory, deriving from its drying: Recioto di Soave, Recioto di Gambellara, which can also be sparkling, and the vin santi of Gambellara and Soave. It also performs well as a dry spumante and withstands maceration on the skins, expressing extraordinary minerality, thanks to the volcanic soils of this area, and longevity.

Garganega, although not characterised by a marked aromaticity, possesses a range of fragrances that oscillates persuasively and with great elegance from white flower to almond, sometimes with a citrine backbone: elements which give the wine not only an excellent persistence, which never tires, but also a sensational longevity, such as to guarantee the great bottles of Soave with a conservation of more than ten years. A late variety, Garganega has acidity and excellent balance between structure, generally agile and slender, and softness. In the most sought-after cases, it likes vinification and/or ageing in wood. Specifications allow the garganega to be blended with Trebbiano di Soave and some international varieties such as Chardonnay.

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