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Friulian is the white grape variety once known as tocai. This denomination is no longer allowed today as it generates confusion with the almost homonymous Hungarian wine. Widespread especially in Friuli, Friulian is also very widespread in Veneto, where it is now called tai, and in small areas of lower Lombard Garda, where it is locally called tuchì. In France the same grape is known as sauvignonasse, while in the area between Friuli, Venezia Giulia and Slovenia it is usually referred to as jakot ("tokaj" in reverse). Of excellent vigour and good productivity, Friulano must be counted among the best and longest-lived white grapes in Italy. It is excellently expressed in the best Friulian crus, among the Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli DOCs. Jostling for space a little with ribolla, here, among the characteristic flysch and ponka soils, it expresses wines of a beautiful straw colour, with floral, almond and dried fruit fragrances, mineral puffs and, in the best versions, decisive flint scents, completed, when drunk, by a decisive, enveloping, sometimes heavy structure, seasoned with pronounced freshness and sapidity. Sapidity, minerality and almond persistence return even in the most peripheral areas, manifesting themselves in the Friuli plain but also in the Veneto tai and the Lombard tuchì, to which the small San Martino della Battaglia DOC is reserved.