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Poblets de Montsant

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Poblets de Montsant

All wine lovers know the story of Christopher Cannan, wine distributor and expert in wine exports, and his relationship with the Priorat region and René Barbier. Recently these family links have spread to the neighbouring D.O. Montsant appellation, thanks to another project led by his daughter Anne (Clos Figueras winery) and Miquel Compte.

After many years working together at the Clos Figueras winery, in 2014 the Cannan family, Anne and Miquel decided to develop the family vines Miquel owns in Pinyana. Bringing together their experience and knowledge (Miquel is in charge of viticulture and Anne of the wine production), they produce a range of young D.O. Montsant wines.

A family project, producing fresh and delicate Falset wines

  • EnologistAnne Cannan
Poblets de Montsant