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Wines from Pelissero

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Wines from Pelissero

Thanks to Giorgio, currently at the helm of the winery, the Pelissero winery has grown from a small family business to a reference brand for the Barbaresco area. Here, in Treiso, Giorgio has transformed all his entrepreneurial and technological spirit into an avant-garde winery, which is never missing in the best restaurants in the Langhe and the world.

The over 40 hectares of vineyards, managed in a completely sustainable way, are dominated by the Piedmontese red varieties: Nebbiolo above all, then Barbera and Dolcetto. Experience, determination and organisation are one with the territory. Quantity and quality, here, go hand in hand. The style is traditional, but with a touch of robustness and roundness in all the labels, even Nebbiolo-based.

The entry Barbaresco, Nubiola, for example, on the palate is first velvety and muscular after 20 months ageing in large barrels and barrique. 20 months of only barrique for the Tulin, a toasted, spicy Barbaresco, of great substance and abundant gratification on the palate. Almost two years of small wood also for the Vanotu, the top Barbaresco, vigorous but with a still pungent tannin.

  • Year founded1960
  • EnologistGiorgio Pelissero
  • Bottles produced per year250000