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Wines from Feudo di Santa Tresa

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Wines from Feudo di Santa Tresa

Wine has been made at Feudo di Santa Tresa for three hundred years. But today this pearl of the soil of Vittoria, Sicily, is led by the masterful hands of Marina and Stefano Girelli, siblings who have given a new impulse to the estate and to the whole Cerasuolo denomination. A winery with organic certification, the Feudo attracts birds and wild animals to its vineyards in perfect symbiosis with the farms. A risky and futuristic choice, consistent with the principles of the full protection of the ecosystem.

On the typical calcareous-sandy soils of the area, Santa Tresa boasts an excellent range, among the best on the island, and in addition of excellent value for money. The Frappato, the traditional elegant red of Vittoria, with notes of spices and pomegranate, is fragrant and persistent. The aromaticity, which is characteristic of the grapes, is also high for wines based on Nero d'Avola, from Nivuro to Avulisi, aged in barrique and with a more vanilla taste. More austere, tannic and complex is the Cerasuolo, the winery’s forte, while dynamic freshness and flavour abounds in the Rina Ianca, a blend of Grillo and Viognier.

  • Own vineyards:39
  • EnologistStefano Chioccioli
  • Bottles produced per year250000
Feudo di Santa TresaFeudo di Santa Tresa