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Belonging to one of the most renowned families in Chile, the Errázuriz winery was founded by Don Maximiano Errázuriz in 1870. His pioneering spirit led him to be the first person to plant French grape varieties in the Aconcagua valley. His energy and determination has been passed down through the generations over a century, enabling his descendants to consolidate the winery and place its wines among the most admired ones in the world.

Located just 90 kilometres north of Santiago, the capital of Chile, the Aconcagua Valley with its long-standing tradition of grape-growing is home to the Errázuriz winery. The river Aconcagua crosses the country, flowing from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean, forming alluvial and colluvial terraces, ideal for cultivating top-quality vines. The stunning beauty of the valley, its mild Mediterranean climate, and the river's plentiful supply of water are the features of this area which probably seduced Don Maximiano almost 150 years ago.

Among all the vineyards they own, the MAX I one is the true emblem of the winery. Bordeaux varieties, grown here on its 19.3 hectares of granite and loam soil, are used to produce such well-known wines as the Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve. The MAX V plot, located on the river plain is another great vineyard. Carménère grapes thrive on fifty hectares of stone-covered alluvial soil here to produce Kai, a young, intense and structured red wine which is considered to be one of the jewels of the winery. Last but not least, special attention must be paid to the Aconcagua Costa Oeste vineyard, only 12 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean. It is home to varieties more suited to cooler climates, such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir grapes, as well as Syrah and Merlot ones.

At present, the team of Eduardo Chadwick (president and descendant of Don Maximiano), Francisco Baettig Hidalgo (chief oenologist) and Raúl Baumann (vineyard manager) have consolidated the prestige of Errazuriz wines among the top-ranking quality wines in Chile and the New World.

  • Year founded1870
  • Own vineyards:900
  • EnologistFrancisco Baettig Hidalgo