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Clos Montblanc

Clos MontblancClos Montblanc

The winery is located near to the fortified town of Montblanc and the Monastery of Poblet, both famed landmarks in Catalunya's history. In 1988, the Carbonell Figueras family began to develop the winery, which had been a cooperative, and divided the built-up area into three sections, one for the wine-making processes, another for bottling and warehousing, and also an underground cellar used for ageing that contains around 1,300 oak barrels made by coopers in France, the USA and Hungary.

In essence, the winery combines its desire to maintain this region's history and tradition with its enthusiasm to take on board the latest developments and knowledge accrued in viticulture and winemaking, so that it can offer quality products endowed with the unique character bestowed on it by this particular terroir.

  • Year founded1988
  • Own vineyards:75
  • EnologistJosep Vadrí

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