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Celler La Muntanya

A winery founded in 2004, as a wine and oil producing company, by Toni Boronat and Juan Cascant, with the collaboration of Adrià Pérez Ovejero and Marc Pérez Pérez (better known as Les Cousins in the Priorat).

Celler La Muntanya is by no means a conventional winery, as it does not own any vineyards, but gets its supplies through the Microviña initiative, whereby several families who are owners of small vineyards (some new ones, and others recouped), work together to produce quality wines, thus obtaining multiple benefits: economic, social, cultural and environmental.

The wine they produce does not belong to any one terroir or estate, but originates from various vineyard plots.

  • Year founded2004

Wines from Celler La Muntanya

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