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Cascina degli Ulivi

Cascina degli UliviCascina degli Ulivi

The Cascina degli Ulivi is a farm and garden. Stefano Bellotti doesn't just produce wine, he also rears livestock, produces cheeses, grows cereal crops, fruits and vegetables. It is one of the best examples of what the biodynamic philosophy stands for: the interrelation between different elements and human beings, that live harmoniously and complementing each other. As Bellotti explains, when the vines are cultivated by natural means they manage to penetrate deep into the soils and take nourishment from the mineral salts which are not only necessary for the plants' survival but will also impart an authentic richness of aromas to the wines. At Cascina degli Ulivi each wine tells a different story; these are artisanal wines.

Wines from Cascina degli Ulivi

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