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Wines from Abbazia di Novacella

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Wines from Abbazia di Novacella

In the magnificent Isarco Valley area, in that Bressanone basin where viticulture has been practiced for two thousand years, almost a thousand of these belong to the life and history of the Novacella Abbey. Here, where the grapes are grown up to 900 metres above sea-level and where extreme climatic conditions enhance the aroma and the tension of the grapes, the Novacella Abbey has been an undeniable and fundamental part of history since 1142.

As a living example of environmental sustainability, the Abbey, which is still owned by Augustinian monks, offers a list of wines which is vast as it is of high quality. The everyday wines stand out due to their lively freshness combined with an integrated and fully harmonious elegance resulting from careful grape selection. Travelling among the different wines of Novacella means letting yourself be carried away by an encyclopedia of South Tyrolean vineyards, with Middle-European excursions masterfully embodied by Grüner Veltliner, Kerner and an enchanting Sylvaner.

The magnificent Praepositus wines, which need no presentation, are on the same wavelength. At the forefront, the legendary Riesling, aged only in steel, harvested between October and December, one of the most awarded Italian wines, typically mineral and "Italian" at the same time, rich, round, infinite. And Gewürztraminer, spicy, chocolatey, with its stark structure, and Sylvaner which, partially aged in acacia, stands out for it pride and complexity.

But there's more than just white wine at Novacella. Pinot Nero Riserva is one of the most lively reds in the region, fruity and spicy, with an irresistible tannin caressing the palate. The same for the beautiful Moscato Rosa, a late harvested niche wine, polished, fragrant, fruity and persistent. The real gem is Kerner passito, five months on trellises and refined only in steel: a must-try!

  • Year founded1142
  • Own vineyards:20
  • EnologistCelestino Lucin
  • Bottles produced per year700000
Abbazia di NovacellaAbbazia di Novacella