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The Flower and the Bee Sousón 2018

The Flower and the Bee Sousón


The flower and the bee are an important starting point for plants. Bees move from flower to flower...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Wine The Flower and the Bee Sousón 2018

Spec sheet
TypeRed Wine
Alcohol content i13.5%
Bottle size and vintage0.75 L - 2018


The flower and the bee are an important starting point for plants. Bees move from flower to flower pollinating plants, which then produce fruit, fruit in this case used to create unique wines such as the A Flor e a Abella (the flower and the bee) wine.

A wine displaying the character of the different terroirs of the Avia Valley, its granite soils and a climate ideal for vine-growing on the gentle slopes rising up from the river. The winery follows biodynamic techniques and the Fukuoka agricultural method which understands the vines as part of the local ecosystem and focuses on respecting natural life cycles rather than human intervention. No toxic chemical products are used and most tasks, such as harvesting the grapes are done by hand. Grapes are carefully chosen while still on the plant and collected in 18kg crates. The small bunches of grapes are then checked again in the winery before the must is macerated and fermented at low temperatures with local yeasts. The finished wine is rounded off in wooden barrels for a few months before being left to stand and refine in the bottle.

On drinking The Flower and the Bee, we discover a very fresh wine with polished tannins, splendid fruit and an excellent balance. It has a Picota cherry colour and its mature aromas lead on to a juicy and surprising taste in the mouth. Mature and full sensations remind us of wines from warmer climes but its intense salinity shows it is clearly a wine from Ribeiro. Red fruit mixes with minty and lactic tones before a sharp hint of strawberry-flavoured sweets appears. In the mouth it is both smooth and agile, fresh and flavoursome. A magnificent acidity and hints of mountain herbs and liquorice make it the ideal wine to pair with a wide variety of dishes, including fish.

Food pairing

Octopus galician style / Meet stews / Stews / Iberian pork / Iberian ham / Grilled meat


  • Soil:Granit
  • Climate:Atlantic


  • Ageing period:4 months
  • Type of wood:Oak


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 14ºC and 16ºC

Tasting notes

  • ViewPicota cherry red / Ruby-red rim / Pinkish glints / Clean / Bright / Abundant tears
  • Bouquet:Fruit aromas / Red fruit / Balsamic notes / Menthol aromas / Lactic notes / Fruit jellies / Undergrowth notes / Mountain herbs / Liquorice
  • Mouth:Good entry / Smooth / Fruit-forward / Red fruit / Cherries / Strawberries / Raspberry / Fresh / Tasty tannins / Good acidity / Pleasant finish / Vegetal notes / Complex

Customer reviews

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by: Mais qu'est-ce que j'en sais ? (20/09/2020) - Vintage 2018


Este vino "sabe" bueno. El sabor es diferente, imagino que es un sabor asociado a la uva sousón que conocía sólo de nombre. Más negro que tinto, bien cargado de taninos y sin embargo ligero. Un poco frizzantino recién abierto pero en este vino tan afrutado no es un defecto y en cualquier caso el poco carbónico desaparece al cabo de un rato. Un vino que bien vale su precio (aparte de la boutade de su nombre).

by: Makarenko (30/10/2020) - Vintage 2018

Me sorprendió

Un vino fresco, suave, muy agradable con un punto de acidez que invita a beber. Un vino que casa con múltiples platos. Un vino para beber

by: Rafael Molina (27/10/2020) - Vintage 2018

Ribeiro tinto

Es agradable pero en general me resulta demasiado ácido y depende de en que momento y con que te lo vayas a tomar.