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Wine from Cigales

Situated between the cities of Valladolid and Palencia, and with land divided between both provinces, Cigales is one of the historic Spanish wine-growing regions as attested by documents dating back to the 10th Century. The River Pisuerga divides the area from north to south, right in the Duero depression.

Although in truth the region is traditionally known for its production of rosés and claretes, changes are being made for the better. In recent years, many wineries have been aiming to satisfy the taste of the modern consumer and putting considerable effort into creating red wines, made from the indigenous Tempranillo grape variety, that bring out the varietal expression in a refined way, following the example of wine-producing regions nearby.

As in the whole River Duero valley region, the climate is continental with a marked contrast between day and night temperatures, and with irregular rainfall patterns. The soil found on the vast plains of the Northern Plateau is sandy and limestone based, which helps with water retention.

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